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Achieving a suitable temperature whilst managing the consumption can be a difficult task for families. In many of our homes we waste heating and electricity in small gestures difficult to appreciate and control but there are constructions that improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption without giving up our basic needs. This is the case of Passive Houses or PassivHaus systems and bioclimatic construction.


We are talking about a new concept of sustainable construction that is clean and respectful. Buildings designed to reduce energy consumption up to 90% with respect to conventional homes and that also respect the environment without giving up home comforts.


Bioclimatic Efficient Comfort
Well Being Economical Quality
Low Consumption Ecological Commitment



We are specialists in bioclimatic construction and design. PASSIVHAUS sets the standard in Europe with regards to energy efficiency.

We develop, construct and adapt homes and buildings to the PASSIVHAUS and bioclimatic standards.


We combine building and engineering in projects of high energy efficiency, interior spaces of comfort, offices, shared spaces of work…

Installation projects
Energy Efficient Certificates.
Work permits.
Industrial Building and Warehouse Projects.
Projects to Improve Results.
LEED and BREEAM Certificates.


We provide innovative and sustainable solutions for rehabilitation, regeneration, adaptation, integration and improvement. Our main objective is to guarantee cost effectiveness and efficiency.


  The thermal comfort of passive houses is guaranteed by the continuous conditioning and filtering of the air to obtain an optimum quality without the need to use any additional systems.



Passive houses are buildings designed to achieve maximum comfort and reduce energy consumption by up to 90% with respect to conventional homes. To achieve this, high quality materials and a series of basic architectural guidelines are used to make the most of natural energy.


Bioclimatic houses are cutting-edge economically, socially and environmentally. Numerous studies confirm the suitability for health of people living in this type of house due to the intelligent air renovation, its impact of sunlight and its construction with natural and less polluting materials compared to conventional ones help to prevent and reduce diseases and Infections of airways such as fibromyalgia, asthma and allergies as well as others.


small bioclimatic houses
perfect for extending
homes or country house


Energy Efficiency, two words that are taking a lot of relevance recently. What can Ecobec bring to consumers?

The main concern of all people is to reduce their bills to get more benefits at the end of the month.

Lower costs, higher profits.

Can this be achieved by being more respectful to the environment with less polluting?

The answer is yes, and Ecobec guarantees these results! We can increase your efficiency, improve the performance of your business while achieving lower energy consumption and lower costs.

We believe in clean energy.


  • By gathering information. Visiting and taking data
  • Analysis of this information
  • Project design
  • Proposal for improvement
  • Implementation of efficient measures
  • Check-ups and monitoring of savings

Efficient Reforms

Our priority is to meet the needs of our clients by offering a wide range of projects both in the civil area such as (housing estates, sewers, car parks…) and in the buildings such as (hotels, schools, single-family homes…)

  • Work with existing buildings
  • Intelligent reforms
  • Technical inspections of buildings (I.T.E.)

In addition, we deal with all kinds of projects highlighting commercial spaces, interior design, architecture, renovations, restoration … being specialists in Turnkey projects.

Our team is made up of architects, designers and a group of people specialized in functional tasks for each field derived in construction and involved in the conservation of the environment and the use of clean energy.

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